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【Notice】Minors recharge related

2019-10-10 11:41:15

For issues related to recharge and refund of minors, the processing mechanism of gravitational wave interaction is as follows:

1. Parents add the QQ group of players and contact management (QQ group:399978521 OR DISCORD: and management submit judgment according to the description of parents.

2. If the preliminary conditions are met, the special return visit personnel shall contact to confirm the further information.

3. Parents who meet the requirements shall submit the reviewed materials to the special email.

4. After receiving the complete and consistent information from parents and verifying it, they will feedback and confirm the follow-up processing plan.

5. After confirming the treatment plan, contact the parents to communicate the treatment plan and follow-up cooperation process.

6. According to the agreed handling opinions and implementation process, handle and complete the parents’ demands.


Gravitational-wave interaction has set up a special area for minors’ parents’ guardianship project, hoping to work together with parents to guide children’s Scientific Games.

Through the anti-addiction system, parents can limit the duration of the game, close the account of minors and other monitoring behaviors.

For the irrational consumption of minors, parents can also contact us through various channels to appeal.

At the same time, we also remind parents not to tell others the mobile payment password, especially the minors without civil capacity.

Thank you for your attention and supervision.


October 26, 2019