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【Notice】Parental Care

2019-10-10 11:41:57

With the popularity of the Internet among teenagers, it has become a common phenomenon for minors to contact online games. In order to protect the healthy participation of minors in the game, under the premise of further strengthening the industry management by the government, parents should also strengthen the supervision and guidance. To this end, we provide the following suggestions for minors to participate in online games:

Actively control the game time. Games are just the adjustment of learning and life. We should actively participate in all kinds of offline activities, and let parents know their behavior and experience in online games.

Do not participate in game settings that may take more time. Do not play large role-playing games, do not play games with PK class settings. Students at school play games no more than 2 hours a week and spend no more than 10 yuan a month in the games.

Don’t use games as a spiritual sustenance. Especially in real life, when encountering pressure and setback, we should talk more with our family and friends, and don’t rely only on games to relieve the pressure.

Develop a positive and healthy game mentality. We should overcome the psychology of comparison, showing off, hatred and revenge, and avoid the formation of bad network behaviors such as bullying and robbing others.

Take care to protect personal information. Including personal family, friend identity information, home, school, unit address, telephone number, etc., to prevent network traps and network crime.

The parental monitoring system takes full account of the actual needs of parents. When the head of the family finds that his or her children are too addicted to playing games, the parents provide legal guardian qualification certificate, game name and account number, as well as the parents’ desire to limit the intensity and other information. It can take several restrictions on the account number in the state of children’s game addiction to solve the problem of minors’ addiction to games. Phenomena, such as limiting the time interval and length of the game played by minors every day, restricting the game only on holidays, or completely prohibiting.

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