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【Strategy】New Player’s Rules: Synthesis

2019-11-21 18:02:21

  • Unarmed synthesis

Unarmed synthesis is a synthesis produced by the character itself without the need for the player to synthesize the platform. As long as you open the freehand synthesis interface, the material in the backpack can make things directly. Of course, there are not many kinds of unarmed synthetic items, mainly used in the early stage or in the field of emergency items.


  • Synthesis station

The synthesizer is an item that the player must make, and the original synthetic platform, the wooden platform, and the stone platform are composed of players with their bare hands. Players put the synthesizer on the ground and interact with the synthesizer to open the relevant pages of the synthesizer to make more items.


  • Field synthesis station

The field synthesis station is a randomly generated relic or a composite station in the building. Players can tear down the field synthesis platform and bring it back to the camp for their own use, or they can interact directly with the field synthesis station to make things.