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【Introduction】Novice Survival Synthesis: Stone

2019-11-22 15:18:05



Stone is a kind of basic material, which is made of all kinds of rocks in a simple stone platform. Stone is widely used in the game, pre-production mining tools, post-production building materials will be used in stone.

A rock that can be made of stone.

Blue-gray shale Dark edged rock Grey rock Diorite Blue sedimentary

Water rock jade

Processing efficiency

The proportion of different rocks processed into stone is different, some of which are efficient and some of them are inefficient.

At least two rocks are required for each synthesis of stone, and the proportion of stone produced is as follows:

Blue-gray shale 2:6 Stone

Dark edged rock 2:8 Stone

Grey rock 2:4 Stone

Diorite 2:3 Stone

Blue sedimentary 2:3 Stone

Water rock jade 2:2 Stone

In addition, each synthetic stone gains four points of experience.

Application of Stone

Most of the applications of stone appear in these two synthetic platforms, and some simple stone tools and weapons can be made.

Simple stone platform Building materials stone platform    
Stone ax Stone hammer Stone pick Stone hoe