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【Introduction】Novice Survival Synthesis: Wood

2019-11-22 15:56:20


Wood is a kind of basic material of wood attribute, which is made by all kinds of logs quickly in a simple wooden platform. Wood is widely used in games, such as pre-production mining tools, medium-term cooking, making materials, and post-production building materials.


A log that can be used to make wood.

There are six kinds of logs and bamboo that can be processed into the wood.

Tropical wood Fruitwood Pinewood Peachwood Poplar wood Dead bone wood Bamboo


Processing efficiency

The proportion of different logs processed into wood is different, some efficient, some inefficient.

At least two logs are required for each log to be synthesized, and the proportion of wood output is as follows:

Tropical wood 2:8木材

Fruitwood 2:5木材

Pinewood 2:4木材

Peachwood 2:4木材

Poplar wood 2:5木材

Dead bone wood 2:2木材

Bamboo 2:2木材

In addition, each synthetic stone gains four points of experience.


Application of Wood

Most of the applications of wood appear in these three synthetic stations.

Simple wooden platform Bonfire

Furniture engineering synthesis platform




Bow and arrow Table lamp Pencil Torch