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Gravity Wave Interactive technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

作者: 2019-10-10 14:51:26

About us

We are a company full of activities and joy. We are a group of developers who love games and creation.

We want to develop the most interesting sandbox game, which can move the players, and also move their own games.

Let the global players (global market), on all platforms (cross-platform), can enter the same world to create and communicate.

Now, we have completed the first small goal: go online steam, and have been praised by players all over the world.

Our game has also been shortlisted in the uod2018 independent game award, won the CGDC of 2018, and won the strategic investment of a US-listed company.

Next, we would like to invite those who have the ability and enthusiasm to join us to create a new “sandbox” world!

We are committed to creating a real sandbox, and we have now made this box and poured the sand into it.

You just need to make the most of your imagination and create your own world. It’s just like building a sandcastle by the sea. Later, we will add more “sand” to fill the sandbox.

Technology introduction

Use the latest Unreal Engine 4 game engine development to bring excellent pictures and game experience

We have developed a voxel-based dynamic light propagation system, which combines with the illumination of UE4 to make the light and shadow colorful

Innovative logic circuit system, so that each player can not only create their own world content but also create personalized rules and play methods

Contact us

Address: 703, Jingyang business building, Shijingshan District, Beijing


QQ group: 399978521